Hey, I'm Tim. Nice To Meet You!

I'm a marketer who specializes in marketing operations which is a fancy way to say I help publish your creative assets and automate the processes for marketing. Here are 3 ways I can help you right now...


Delegate the marketing operations & tech to me and I'll build the infrastructure so anyone on your team can run the systems. I'll automate (and simplify) the processes so you have peace of mind knowing it'll be done.


Tech changes fast. So rather than lock you in a tech stack, we'll experiment and build a flexible system to test new systems, improve existing ones, and/or pivot your tech stack. We'll dial in on what's working through experiments.


Once your systems are up and running, I'll routinely run through the funnel to see how it's working and identify potential improvements. We can even compete against each other to "beat your control".

Wonderful People I've Worked With

Kevin Rogers

Kevin Rogers

Copy Chief

"Tim Woo is the kind of guy you want in your corner in any situation. When things are going well he's finding ways to make them even better, and when they're not, he's the first one to dive in and find solutions. His greatest skills might be in publishing and data analysis, but it's the personal care and creative mindset he brings to everything that makes him a one-in-a-million kind of teammate."

Ross O'Lochlainn

Ross O'Lochlainn

Conversion Engineering

"Getting a publishing person will change your life if you handle everything from setting up an ad account, publishing emails, pages, funnels, and analytics & tracking. Talk to Tim about figuring out a publishing solution because it's the missing piece in many online businesses. It's the under appreciated part that's expected to happen, but it's also the part that ends up causing you all the pain and chaos. You'd be daft not to work with him."