Hi I’m Tim.

I’m a marketer who loves numbers, systems, and experiments.

I help creative entrepreneurs and coaches spend more time doing what they love in their business. I do it by building the systems they need, so they can stay focused their unique ability.

There are 3 ways I can help you:

  1. Publishing assets and build automated systems so your business operations run as automatically as possible without you (and frees you up to focus on your clients and getting them results)
  2. Set up sales and conversion tracking so you know exactly which of the 3 key areas you need to focus on: leads, sales, or product experience
  3. Figure out the best action to take by looking at your numbers and tell you exactly what they mean, in the context of your business goals.

On this site, I’ll be sharing what I learn along the way, so you can share it with your team, or do it yourself if you choose to.

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