Yo. I’m Tim (WOO!!!)

I’m a marketer who loves tech, systems, and processes.

I help coaches build simple and automatic systems so they can focus on coaching.

If you’re frustrated with figuring out all the marketing tech by yourself, here’s how I can help right now:

    I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of hours Googling solutions, landing on page after page of fake “documentation pages disguised as an affiliate link”, and experiencing my share of costly, embarrassing mistakes as a marketing tech n00b for my clients.

    And over the years, I’m fortunate to work in all kinds of tech solutions & systems for coaches with a small team & limited resources.

    I decided to put them together for anyone to use, so I made a Trello board of systems I’ve built and update it with new ones I’m building. You can use ’em or install them for your business on your own.

    Enter your name & email below and I’ll invite you to the board. If you can’t find what you need, shoot me a message to tim [at] marketingopshelp.com and I’d love to take a look!